Whose Pussy Is Better? Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence

Whose pussy do you think is better looking? Both of these celebrities have their private photos online, but the debate still rages? Who has the better looking pussy? Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lawrence? It may be a bit subjective, but sometimes there are universal truths.  This might be one of those times.  Would you prefer this…

The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Now In VR

The future is here.  Vivid Entertainment just announced they are releasing the Kim Kardashian sex tape Virtual Reality Experience.  Apparently, users will be able to immerse themselves in the tape, and begins with footage from the actual sex tape, then an actress that looks strikingly similar to Kim will perform sex acts on the participant….

Anastasia Kvitko Wants To Be Kim Kardashian

This chick is an Instagram and Tumblr sensation.  The curves she is rocking are second to none – some may even argue they are too much!  She is being compared to Kim Kardashian these days… With that ass, she may have Kim beat!  Read more on Kardashian Unsealed.  

Kim K Haters Get Shushed Up

Kim K has a lot of haters. Recently she posted a pic on twitter that enraged some of them, but guess who came to rescue?! Amber Rose. Yes, ever since Amber and Kim made up, the new BFFS have been standing up for one another on social media. It’s great to see the love between…

Kim Kardashian Is The New Marilyn Monroe

It’s safe to say that Kim Kardashian is officially the new Marilyn Monroe phenomenon. This bodacious sexy lady is everywhere these days and men gawk at her stunning looks more than any other woman on the planet. It has been amazing to see this woman transition from an ordinary girl to practically living a royal…